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Daily Newsletter

We understand that you may not have the time or expertise to gather the relevant news from the plethora of information available on the markets. So we present three crisp newsletters covering equity, currency and commodities to enhance your knowledge of the daily proceedings in these asset classes. Facts, figures and consensus opinions are all present in this letter aiding your ability to keep abreast of the market and take necessary action if deemed necessary.

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Hot Stock

In this category we present you with facts regarding a company which is in the news for some positive development by way of outstanding results, new vertical addition, significant capex plan and/or a corporate action including but not limited to mergers and acquisitions. A regular sifting of this section will enable you to not miss a beat in what are popularly termed as Hot Stocks and take necessary action of deemed necessary.

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Do Your Own Research

All of us are always looking for more. In this section we empower you to find new stock ideas using the handpicked pre-defined screeners which have stood the test of time. You should run the screener and use our research database to dig deeper about the stocks which meet your criteria. You may wish to add these stocks to your watch list in your portfolio or take necessary trading action if deemed necessary.

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