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Wealth Discovery is an amalgamation of ideas, passion and commitment. Our team is a confluence of skills, experience and discipline. We firmly believe in the maxim - Think Big, Think fast and Think ahead.

We are always eager to bet on the best minds with a visionary & strategic approach. We promote a strong work ethic where our team members take pride in what they do, enjoy the people they work with and certainly feel that they are at one of the greatest places to work at.

We are primarily focused on sustainable wealth creation in the long term with a thrust on Client Relationship Management and innovative products. Our services and product offerings include Equity, Commodity and Currency Broking, Research, Wealth Management , Arbitrage products, Depository Services and Business Consultancy. We take great pride in formulating customized products to suit specific business needs of the clients, be it a direct client or a channel partner.

We have a diversified client base that includes retail clients, corporate clients, HNIs, Institutions, Trusts and NRI’s. Our success is attributed to our strong focus on equity research which is backed by our experienced and well trained team consisting of CFA charter holders, Chartered Accountants, MBAs, Company Secretaries and highly experienced people from the industry.

We are head quartered in the heart of New Delhi at Connaught Place and our network is spread across India comprising many business locations operated by us and our business partners. We serve thousands of clients across India under our brand.

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At the Wealth Discovery Group, we remain committed to becoming a Globally Respected, Trusted and Valued BRAND relying on the core pillars of

  • QUALITY MANPOWER, defined by virtues of enterprise, tenacity and perseverance
  • INNOVATIONS, which enable us to create sustainable long term value
  • TRANSPARENCY, in our disclosures and commitments to all stakeholders
  • PERFORMANCE, as measured by fulfillments of our business commitments
  • COMPLIANCE, with zero tolerance for any procedures not conforming to the applicable law

Leading to

Our customers’ complete peace of mind related to their wealth management.

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Our Vision:

To become a globally respected business group by transforming our knowledge and expertise into creation of wealth for our investors.

Our Mission:

To be the financial mentor of choice for all Investors.

Our Business Values:

Customer Orientation: Our success lies in our customers’ prosperity and satisfaction; simplification of customer’s life always pays rich dividends.

Bet on People: We believe in taking calculated bets on people who offer us business potential either in the present or in the future by virtue of their proven enterprise, tenacity, perseverance and/or their influence on a position of authority.

Relationship and Trust: Relationship & trust is the foundation of growth.

Power of Knowledge: For growth innovation is a must & the only ingredient for innovation is the power of the human mind & knowledge.

Decentralization of Power: - Focus of higher management is always on creating robust systems for higher operational efficiency by providing commensurate power at all levels, handing over accountability and maintaining surveillance.

Embracing Change: Nothing but change is stable in this world which offers both opportunities & challenges so we always welcome it.

Teamwork: Great success is achieved when people with different strengths work happily as a team towards a common goal. Value chain management is best executed with the help of a dedicated and versatile team.

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Rahul Agarwal DirectorRahul heads new initiatives at Wealth Discovery and is responsible for steering Wealth Discovery into new product domains. He is also responsible for keeping the company in sync with the latest development in technology pertaining to the Financial Services Industry. He brings over 12 years of International Experience in to Wealth Discovery. He is a Technocrat with Post Graduate degrees in Civil Engineering and an MBA in Finance from University of Pittsburgh (USA). He has a penchant for numbers and has lead many multi ethnic teams who have successfully worked on several Multi Billion Dollar projects under his guidance. He is passionate about Value Investing and Algorithmic trading, when not busy with the stock markets he likes to read about geo-politics and enjoys a good game of poker.
Sachin Bansal Head-Operations Chartered Accountant A Chartered Accountant with a Post Graduate Degree in Commerce, Sachin brings to the table his diverse experience in Finance and Taxation areas. At a financial firm deeply engrossed in wealth management, his invaluable inputs are keenly sought on a lot of portfolio decisions with respect to the tax aspect. He heads the Finance and compliance function for Wealth Discovery. Before joining us he worked with a reputed chartered accountants firm based in New Delhi for which he performed extensive Statutory & Internal audits of various types of organization.
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Wealth Discovery is an upcoming stock broking company in India. We bring to you 17 years of experience in serving a diverse customer base of retail and high net worth investors advising them on all their needs across asset classes and income tax management.

Seamless, secure and integrated, our online trading platform will allow you to manage funds, your trading portfolio and demat accounts, ensuring unmatched convenience for customers.

Seamless Trading: You can trade in shares without going through the hassle of tracking settlement cycles, writing cheques and transfer instructions. Absolutely hassle free!

Share trading in both NSE and BSE, innovative offerings like - Margin, BTST, SPOT. Derivatives trading, mutual funds, IPOs and on-line life insurance.

Security: You can manage your own demat and fund transfers when you trade through Wealth Discovery. It provides you the flexibility to pay only when you trade.

Control: You can rest assured that your order will be precisely for the amount you wanted it to be, without any deviation, giving you full control of your money and your trades.

Tracking and Review: Monitoring your investments is as important if not more than making that investment itself. Our portfolio tracker and watchlist along with sms alerts will always keep you updated on the status of your investments with us and act on them when required.

Innovations: At Wealth Discovery we believe in fostering relationships. To that end our marketing team routinely comes up with customized products to benefit your specific research and broking needs. We take great pride in offering value to all customers across a variety of advisory, broking and fixed income products via trend setting innovative products.

Auto Invest: A systematic investing plan in Equities and Mutual funds.

Quality Research: Our technical research team provides quality tips across Equity, Equity Derivatives, Currency and Commodities for intraday as well as positional timeframes, you can rest assured that your trading needs will never be hurt due to lack of profitable ideas. Our fundamental research is Provided by a team of Experts having a vast experience in serving retail and institutional clients and is credited with picking many multi baggers. A fleet of seasoned CAs brings to you sound corporate advisory services and our industry contacts help us arrange that funding which is so essential to your expansion needs.

Robust Technology: We provide ODIN trading platform which is robust, and among the best in the industry. We have our technology professionals constantly working on upgrading and troubleshooting all your platform related issues.

Centralized Risk Management System: Unlike many other players we have a centralized risk management system. This allows us to offer the same levels of service to customers across all locations.

Other Key Features: Quick trade execution, Low brokerage, Accounts that suit your investment profile, Risk Profiler, Superior Customer Service.

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At Wealth Discovery we have refined our pricing models to reflect our client needs we offer competitive brokerage rates that would be hard to beat. We also offer customizable pricing plans which would be suited to your unique case.


Our trading plans are designed to address the needs of a savvy trader, we have leverage options and commission rates that would be hard to beat anywhere in the market place.

Investor Plans

We understand the needs of our investor community and our investor pricing plans reflect the same. From ultra low brokerage and Call N Trade facility to Income tax advisory we offer all of this and much more.

Financial Advice

We have pricing plans which cater to all imaginable financial needs that our clients can have. Investing advice, Income tax planning, and Mutual fund advice is some of the services that we offer all of this at rates that would be hard to find in the industry.

Why NRI’s should invest with Wealth Discovery

One NRI account multiple benefits-
  • Top of the line trading technology and platforms - Multiple stocks tracking facility on a single screen, real time streaming quotes with instant order execution and confirmation. Variety of platform options that work across networks and all across the globe.
  • Best in class risk management practices, E-contract notes and CRN login for all back office reports to track your portfolio, research alerts.
  • Dedicated NRI investment team will guide through the investment process – account establishment, proactive fund allocation, account updates, research back up etc.
  • Unique Futures and Options trading gateway - NRIs can hedge their portfolio risk or play the volatile markets using FNO trading facility. They can hedge their currency risk via the currency derivatives available on the trading platform.
  • Research: In-depth, incisive wealth research to maximise your tax adjusted wealth. Our team comprises seasoned tax experts as well as equity research professionals who combine to give you the best possible wealth maximizing research for your investment needs.

Why NRI’s should invest in India?

India with its sustained impressive growth rate, domestic demand driven economy and well regulated financial markets, is the market of choice for global investments. Within emerging markets, India has a wider growth base than other BRIC countries with strong contribution from services, agriculture and manufacturing sector.

Interestingly; currently only 3.7% of Indian savings flow into equity investments. Any incremental growth in this flow can be a big boost for the markets.

How NRI can invest in the Indian markets?

With wealth it is simple and well facilitated. The only prerequisites you need are a PAN card and a NRE/NRO bank account, we take care of the rest. Even if you don’t have any of above, we will help you start from scratch in a well organized time bound manner. Just drop in a mail and our advisor will get in touch.

Investment Process for NRI

To start investments – NRI should mandatorily have PAN card, Bank Accounts- NRE/ NRO Non PIS/ PIS Account and Demat Account Acquire Pan Card or provide existing PAN

Establish NRE/ NRO Bank Account
Establish Demat account with broker and start trading

NRI investment products-
  • Equities from the secondary market
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Futures and Options
  • Mutual Funds
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Who is an NRI?

According to Sec. 6(1) of the Income Tax Act, an individual shall be a resident in India ...

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Who is a PIO?

A citizen of a foreign country is a PIO if: He/She at any time held an Indian Passport. ...

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What are the products offered to NRI?

NRI can invest in the following products. Equity trading on BSE and NSE Derivatives ...

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In our continuous effort to constantly endeavor to upgrade services to customers, we are happy to introduce our corporate services to our valued corporates. This service will help corporates identify their financial requirements in managing investments and funding their goals.

To help them manage their investments we would give them several long- term and short-term investment options. They can choose the best suitable option, depending on their liquidity, risk, return and hedging requirements.

Also, corporates have several goals like expansion, diversification etc, for which they might require external funding, we would help them in funding and achieving their goals. Please drop in a mail with your requirement at corpadquery@wealthdeiscovery.in and our manager will get in touch with you.

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Sub Broker/ Authorized Person

Wealth Discovery Securities is the member of NSE & BSE and registered as Broker. It provides business opportunity to entrepreneurs by registering them as Sub-Brokers / Authorized Person. Wealth Discovery Securities provides trading terminals through which the Sub-broker can offer a range of financial products like Equities, Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, IPO, MF, Bonds, Fixed Deposits etc.

  • Sub-Brokers / Authorized Person acts as a business catalyst for Wealth Discovery
  • Acquire, develop & nurture clients
  • Sub-Brokers / Authorized Person to register clients with Wealth Discovery Securities
  • All products / services / features of Wealth Discovery Securities made available to clients through sub broker
  • Client places all orders/transactions through Sub-Brokers / Authorized Person on Wealth Discovery platform
  • All settlement risk owned by Wealth Discovery Securities
  • Sub-Brokers / Authorized Person need not maintain any back-office

Why Partner with Wealth Discovery

Value Proposition
Products Offered
Our Marketing Support
Sub Broker Universe(Web-Portal)
  • Joining hands with brand Wealth Discovery
  • One stop financial shop for Equity, Derivative, Currency Derivatives, MF, IPO, Bonds, etc
  • Competitively priced for the end customer
  • All charges inclusive for investors
  • No intermediary margins/charges added
  • Futuristic & sustainable business model which can work within a T+1 environment
  • Variety of products
  • Sub-Brokers / Authorized Person to only identify, nurture and develop business relationship in locality.
  • Seamless settlements which does not require the Sub Broker / Authorized Person to maintain any back office infrastructure
  • Knowledge & exposure to financial markets over the last 3 years
  • Educational Qualification - Min 10+2 passed for Sub broker and Min 10th for Authorized Person
  • Minimum age 21 years for Sub brokers and 20 years for Authorized Person whilst submission of application
  • Ability to leverage on local relationship & develop business
  • Possesses prescribed minimum Infrastructure with good connectivity
  • Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Mutual Funds (For AMFI Certified Advisors)
  • IPO
  • Infrastructure Bonds
  • Corporate / GOI Bonds
  • Opening Bell
  • Daily Calls, Weekly Calls & Monthly Calls
  • Daily Derivatives, Weekly Technicals & Monthly Technicals
  • Momentum Pick
  • Stock on Move
  • Pick of Week
  • Special Coverage (Strong Buy)
  • Daily Bazaar Report in Hindi
  • Daily Currency Strategy
  • Research Con-calls / Seminars
  • SMS Alerts
  • Fascia is provided
  • Marketing Collaterals (Visiting Cards, Banners, Posters, Leaflets, Education Materials) & Canopy / Umbrella will be provided for the activity by the local relationship team
  • Events are conducted all across
  • Induction Training
  • Product Training
  • System Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Login to Sub - broker Universe
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About Us


In a world where choices are too many and everything seems to be standardized, we at Wealth Discovery believe that you should be given the opportunity to define your own space. We endeavor to provide you with financial solutions which have been devised keeping in mind your unique needs. Your need for customized choices and personalized service is foremost on our minds. We do realize that you would want to get to know us a little better so do read on.

Who are we

Wealth Discovery is an integrated securities firm that specializes in offering a varied bouquet of customized services to people such as yourself. Our services are patronized by corporates, financial institutions as well as successful high net-worth individuals & other retail investors alike. Our objective has always been to ‘Transform Knowledge into Wealth’. Headquartered in New Delhi, Wealth Discovery operates out of 10 cities and towns in India with an aggressive expansion plan lined up.

What you can expect from us

At Wealth Discovery, we have ensured that our people are not only equipped to providing you with the right information but are committed to servicing you with financial solutions that are personal to your needs. Our Private Wealth Management Team offers specific advisory services to meet both personal and business wealth requirements of HNIs, including business families, senior officials of corporates and self employed professionals such as doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants as well as architects.

The team’s core expertise lies in creating customized strategies which accommodate customers’ investment goals with respect to wealth accumulation, preservation and liquidity. In addition to mutual funds, fixed deposits and other traditional products, the team’s strategy also provides for alternate investment avenues of private equity, Structured / Customized products, especially for investors with specific views on the markets. The larger investors too benefit immensely from our portfolio protection strategies.


At Wealth Discovery, we base our services on a simple yet powerful philosophy. We allow you to define your financial space – with all the updated market information at your fingertips, a diverse bouquet of products to choose from, the best in class services, and the essential ingredients for a well balanced wealth management strategy, you will have a comprehensive wealth management platform at your disposal. Our out-of-the-box approach and the opportunity to draw from our experience and expertise will ensure that your interests are well looked after. We invest substantial time in understanding your life goals, your current conditions, and then work to develop the most optimal solutions through our advisory platform. The advisory team measures the performance periodically against initial expectations, and should the need arise, the investment plan is recalibrated with the changing market conditions.

Expert advice from market professionals

We leverage our domain expertise across the financial services spectrum. Our Investment Strategy Committee comprises the most experienced personnel across our organization who are instrumental in defining our market view and guidelines on asset allocation. So, our customers can be assured of quality financial services.

Intensive product selection process

Since we are totally committed to providing our customers with a personalized experience, our endeavor is to ensure that our clients have a range of innovative solutions and unique products to choose from. All our products and services are from the best providers in the industry selected after undergoing our internal due diligence process.

Strong service program

We understand that our customers value comfort of interaction and convenience above all else. Keeping in mind this, we have ensured that our customers are being serviced through a strong bench of experienced and trained Financial Advisors. We also have dedicated Equity Advisors who specialize in providing customers with direct equity solutions. Our offering of online and mobile execution platforms for equities and other products ensures that our customers have a seamless platform for all transactions while our Associate Executives ensure seamless service delivery.

Solution at Offer


Design Your Own Financial Space

At Wealth Discovery Private Wealth Management, we believe in helping you creating a blue print for yourself basis your financial goals and your life stage. You can count on us to provide you with personalized service and solutions that are customized to meet your specific needs. Keeping in mind your need for diversity, convenience and comfort, we provide you with a dedicated Financial Advisor who will assess your financial objectives objectively before assisting you in creating your portfolio as per your instructions. You can be rest assured that you will be spoilt for choice. Like everything else in your life which is unique to your lifestyle, your financial space will also be unique to you. Our investment advice will guide you in maintaining, generating and protecting your wealth across generations.

Solution at Offer:

Financial Solutions

At Wealth Discovery Wealth Management, your financial decisions will be cushioned with the current and relevant market information for trading and long-term investing, which is provided by an independent research team which specialized in garnering the required inputs. In addition to this, your Relationship Managers will be available to analyze your investment needs from time to time in conjunction with you and create an investment roadmap for you. They will, after your acquiescence execute the investment plan. A wide range of products across asset classes ensure that the financial solutions provided help meet the investment objectives that you have set for yourself and your family.

Diverse products and solutions

Equity investing

Experience investing in equities for trading or long-term investment objective with

Direct Equity
  • Market Information from over 300 companies through a dedicated team of expert researchers
Mutual Funds
  • Access over 2,500 Mutual Fund Schemes and Exchange Traded Funds
  • Proprietary research methodology used to recommend best investment options
Structured Products
  • Equity linked debentures offered based on in house market views and your risk appetite
  • Due diligence to ensure that only the best issuers are made available to you
  • Derivative strategies designed to take advantage of different market opportunities
  • Trading ideas

Fixed Income

Low-risk investments with steady and predictable returns
  • Invest in a range of debt instruments like bonds and deposits with good credit rating along with attractive yields including Government, Quasi Government and Public Sector (PSU) Bonds
  • Access to the entire mutual fund universe
  • Mutual Fund debt schemes recommendations based on internal fund research and debt market view
Structured debt and notes
  • Facilitating access to structured debt instruments which are secured by property, shares or asset collateralization
  • Structured Notes with assured or conditional coupons linked to equity and gold

Alternate Investments

Provide access, research and execution capabilities across alternative investments to achieve investment goals.

Real Estate
  • Invest in residential and commercial Real estate with access to pre-launch offers and attractive rental yields leveraging on the strong relationship with developer and strong market access through the referral model.
  • Invest in real estate funds from fund houses where due diligence done by Wealth Discovery
Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Invest in carefully selected Private Equity (PE) or Venture Capital (VC) funds across various organizations by leveraging on institutional linkages to directly invest in early stage and growth companies.
Structured products
  • Diversify investment to other asset classes like Gold, Silver, Oil and other commodities through structured products
  • Structure investments in unlisted debentures, PMS schemes, Preference shares, convertible debentures, equity shares in Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s)
Currency Trading
  • Leverage on research and trading ideas and hedge currency exposure with the online currency trading platform

Your Relationship Manager performs a analysis of your assets and will help you prepare a plan to protect you and your assets against unforeseen circumstances. Security and Growth – two of your highest priorities will always be on the top of our minds!


  • Choice of whole life to family protection plans helps provide for the family in times of need during the term of the plan.
  • Customized solutions to provide the most suitable protection solutions like
    • Married Women’s Protection Act to secure the family against any liabilities
    • Liability protection solutions to repay all loans in case of death / disability


  • Health plans to protect family from associated cost.
    • Long term health insurance to protect from any exclusions / revisions in premia
    • Critical illness cover to ensure access to funds in emergencies and also to repay liabilities
    • Solutions to meet reimbursements for overseas hospitalization & medical help


  • Flexibility through asset protection planning to protect assets against the defaults or frauds from creditors, employee, professional liabilities or other liabilities
  • Protection of income and guard against liabilities
    • Credit Insurance: to protect from defaults from creditors
    • Fidelity Insurance: to protect from employee frauds
    • D&O / Professional Indemnity: to protect from legal liabilities resulting from errors or neglect in discharging duties
    • Conventional Business Insurance: Marine, Fire & Engineering, Keyman, etc.

Allow us, at Wealth Discovery Private Wealth Management, to help you chose a suitable investment strategy for you. Our all inclusive advisory service offers guidance and recommendations on opportunities across a plethora of innovative solutions. Your Relationship Manager helps you plan your investment strategy and rapidly executes instructions on various services namely:

Real Estate

Buy, sell or lease, as well as, valuation of a residential or commercial property under the referral model.


Advice on Portfolio restructuring, leveraging or monetizing ESOP holdings, hedge Portfolio with derivatives.

Capital Fund Raising/Investment Banking

Structured advice on raising capital from the Capital Market through IPO/ FPO and from the Institutional market through QIB and PE including advice on new accounting regulations (IFRS).

Estate Planning

Structured wealth distribution advice to create provisions for legal heirs and other beneficiaries through preparation and execution of Wills, setting up and management of Trusts.

Access to credit specialists whose expert counseling will help you in meeting your investment needs, acquisition needs as well as assist you in raising capital for new opportunities. Benefit from the association of experts to provide fast and effective solutions


Balance return and liquidity with a responsive overdraft and loan solutions on Fixed Deposits, Equity and Mutual Fund investments

Collateralized borrowing/Asset Financing

Financing options for acquisitions, construction of residential or commercial properties and business assets. Liquidity access against property or through lease rental discounts

Margin Funding/Leveraging

Achieve liquidity through assets to meet your investment objectives and overall financial needs. Obtain additional financial leverage through Loans against shares and, IPO and Promoter funding which are provided through our tie ups with other NBFC’s.



In today’s era of knowledge economy and seamless connectivity, we are increasingly being burdened with an overload of information. Solicited or unsolicited information is inundating us through various channels like newspapers, magazines, television, e-mails, websites etc. It is important to breakthrough the clutter and get timely actionable advice which can be executed.

Wealth Discovery is dedicated to provide objective, independent and actionable research to our clients across various asset classes to help them make informed financial decisions. Our approach is a mix of top down and bottom up where we track the macro indicators to identify investment themes that are playing out. At the same time, we do extensive product research to ensure that we only advise the best in class products to our clients in each asset class. This approach ensures that we identify not only the correct investment theme but also the most suitable product to invest in the theme.

The best minds in the organization sit across the table every month to track the domestic and global macro environment in our meeting after monthly investment committee to ensure that we are up the curve in spotting investment themes to invest or avoid. Our investment committee consists of research heads from across our verticals. This committee meets with a single point agenda of tracking the macro–economic environment and identifies trends which can give actionable advice to our clients. The investment committee is complemented by our stringent research across equity markets and different product classes.


Direct Equity
Managed Accounts
Alternate Investments

Direct Equity

Our experienced research team offers timely and unparalleled company and industry insight on base of rigorous analysis. Another key aspect of our research is the monthly and thematic reports on various sectors, keeping the client up-to-date with the latest developments in the sector. Our team is grouped into smaller teams, specializing in particular industry and sectors. This sector focus allows the analyst to maintain detailed level of knowledge of key drivers of each sector.

Each recommendation is backed by rigorous and in-depth analysis of not only the company’s financials but also the management quality and depth, competitors and other external factors impacting the stock price. This ensures due weightage to both qualitative and quantitative factors. Regular interaction with company managements and various other stakeholders help our research analysts develop view on stocks and equip them to foresee upcoming trends well in advance to benefit our clients. Our fundamental equity research combines expertise with innovative strategies to offer broad range of products including Model Portfolios, Monthly investment strategy, Equity tracker, Pick of the week, sector specific monthly reports, event and result updates and detailed company report.

Managed Accounts

Selection on the platform covers the following four broad parameters:

  • Research & Fund Management

    Our selection process includes evaluating the qualification and experience of the investment and research team and their ability to conduct primary research and identify multi-baggers for clients.

  • Performance evaluation

    Consistency of performance across market cycles and performance relative to peer group (PMS / MF) is evaluated for the scheme and the fund manager

  • Investment Strategy

    The suitability of the investment strategy to client portfolios as well as its compatibility with I-Sec’s investment outlook is considered along with the resilience of the strategy across market cycles.

  • Risk control guidelines

    We evaluate the risk controls and guidelines followed by the selected scheme and AMC

Alternate Investments

Fund selection for alternate investments encompasses the following main themes:

  • Investment theme and strategy

    Since alternate investment funds are usually longer-tenure products, we evaluate the theme of the fund in terms of novelty, suitability to the client’s portfolio and availability of the proposition through other investing platforms.

  • Strength and experience of Investment Team

    Alternate investment funds usually hold concentrated portfolios of 8 – 12 underlying investments of a tenure of 3 – 5 years, the selection and management of the underlying investments becomes crucial to performance. In our evaluation of the fund, we place strong importance on the background and experience of the fund team in investing, managing and exiting such deals and their ability and incentives to work together as a unit.

  • Portfolio construction and implementation strategy

    The fund’s ability and process of sourcing deals, evaluating them, investing in them and eventually, exiting them directly impacts investor returns – making this factor an important one in our evaluation.

  • Background and expertise of Fund House

    The presence and experience of the parent group / fund house is also considered since it impacts the fund’s ability of raise money from investors, and also, source, negotiate, manage and exit underlying investment deals.

Mutual Funds

We research mutual funds through a proprietary research methodology which evaluates the schemes and AMC across a wide range of parameters . These parameters are further supplemented by our view across different sectors as well as alignment with our overall investment theme in our investment committee. Some of the parameters used to filter and select mutual funds are portfolio risk and liquidity, risk adjusted returns, returns across various market cycles, past performance of the AMC in the asset class etc. The fund selection is further backed by interaction with the fund managers of the selected schemes on an ongoing basis to monitor their portfolio strategy and performance.

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Financial Programming

Your Life goals are not yours alone...we can partner you to help achieve those goals. Be it planning for your child's education or marriage, your retirement or that dream home you always wanted we can build a comprehensive financial plan specially customized for you. Our qualified planners will spend time with you and your family to understand your goals and aspirations, if needed help you articulate them and get you on your way to make your goals a reality.

We will continue to hand hold you and provide all the support you need when you take those first steps towards investing for your goals. At Wealth Discovery our expert financial planners can assist you make a customized financial plan to help you achieve your goals.

Portfolio Evaluation

When was the last you evaluated your portfolio of investments? Does your portfolio meet your investment objectives? Are the investments all well diversified or are there any hidden risks? Our portfolio of investments represents our hard earned money and has many life goals linked to it. And while we may have built the portfolio over a period of time, it is important to align it regularly to our own objectives.

While we evaluate a portfolio it is as important to focus on the potential risks as it is to focus on the potential returns. Also, as we invest in different products and different investment types, the overall portfolio should be well diversified. At Wealth Discovery we can assist you in evaluating your portfolio that can help you realign. Our expert analysis will provide you with an unbiased evaluation of the performance of your portfolio and guide you on the next steps that you should take.

As a part of the service your portfolio will be analyzed on the following parameters:

  • Asset allocation vis a vis the risk profile.
  • Historical Return of the portfolio.
  • Risk (Standard Deviation) and Returns of the portfolio based on the historical returns.
  • Portfolio diversification and single stock/sector risk.
  • View of the stocks/Mutual Funds in the portfolio.

Estate Planning

Having a plan to accumulate wealth is important but it is equally important to have a plan to distribute your wealth to those you wish to. Having an Estate Plan in place helps you do this. Writing a Will is the simplest form of Estate Planning.

With a Will, you can make proper arrangement for the protecting and preservation of your assets for the benefit of your family and loved ones. It helps you reduce a lot of hassles for beneficiaries and at the same time ensures that wealth is distributed in the right hands. At Wealth Discovery Financial Planning Services, we can assist you draft a Will by professional legal experts who have all the relevant experience and expertise in this field.

For more details, mail us at inadquery@wealthdiscovery.in We look forward to partnering you in fulfilling all your financial goals.

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Stamp Duty for clients in these Particular States:

# State EQ Intraday EQ Delivery Futures Options Currencies Commodites
1 Karnataka & Other States 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day
2 Andhra Pradesh 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day
3 Kerala 0.00% 0.01% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
4 Tamil Nadu 0.01% 0.01% 0.01% 0.01% 0.01% *30 paisa for every unit of Cotton, Kapas, Pods
*10 paisa for every unit of Kilo of Silver
*50 paisa for every unit of Kilo of Gold
*50 paisa for every unit of 25 Metric tones of Groundnut, Lineseed, Castor Seed, Cotton Seed
*For any Yarn,non mineral oil, spices, Hydrosulphide soda: 0.004%
*No Stamp Duty for Crude Oil and Base Metals
5 Gujarat 0.00% 0.01% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
6 Maharashtra 0.00% 0.01% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
7 Delhi 0.00% 0.01% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
8 Rajasthan 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% Agri: 0.0005%
Non Agri: 0.001%
9 Arunachal Pradesh 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day
10 Assam 0.018% - max Rs. 49.5/day 0.018% - max Rs. 49.5/day 0.018% - max Rs. 49.5/day 0.018% - max Rs. 49.5/day 0.018% - max Rs. 49.5/day 0.018% - max Rs. 49.5/day
11 Goa, Daman & Diu 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day 0.01% - max Rs. 50/day
12 Haryana 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day
13 Himachal Pradesh 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day 0.003% - max Rs. 30/day
14 Meghalaya 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day 0.04% - max Rs. 40/day
15 Odisha 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day 0.005% - max Rs. 50/day
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