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  • Equity Analysis
  • Technical Charting
  • Mutual Fund Tools
  • Financial Calculators

At Wealth Discovery Securities we have developed comprehensive set of tools to assist you in your financial research; in the equity segment we provide tools that help you in doing in depth analysis

Predefined Stock Screeners

We have a comprehensive list of screeners based on the most common industry criterions such as: Undervalued stocks, High Momentum Stocks, Growth stocks

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Custom Screeners

You can screen historical financial data based on market cap, book value, ROE and many other criterions of your liking

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Stock Comparison tools

This too lets you compare two or more companies side by side on different financial parameters

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For savvy traders who like to look at charts and analyze historical data we provide an advance charting application where you can get

  • Real Time Intraday and EOD charts with more than 50 built in indicators
  • Interactive technical analysis
  • Users can draw trends and formation etc.
  • User can also save and print the charts

For investors interested in investing in Mutual Funds we provided a comprehensive list of tools and calculators that will help you choose the right Mutual Funds

SIP Calculator

Lets you check out the Systematic Investment Plan for a particular scheme, you can modify your search on the basis of the fund house, category, scheme name, start and end date and the investment amount

Return Calculator

Lets you compute the return & NAV of a particular scheme in comparison with selective indices. You can also modify your search on the basis of the category of the fund or the fund house

Mutual Fund Trends and Updates

This tool provides you with the latest news and trends in the mutual fund industry

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At Wealth Discovery we have developed various financial calculators that assist you in your day to day financial planning needs to list a few :

  • EMI Calculator,
  • Savings Calculator
  • Retirement Calculator
  • Annuity Calculator
  • Present Value Calculator

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